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 It’s a nice feeling to be a king. After knowing about the kings from our history subjects, mythological stories, pictures I see a many places or through dramas and cinemas like Mughal-E-Azam Ramayan and The Emperor, I am very much impressed by them They are rich, powerful, handsome, healthy, brave wearing rich dresses and jewelry, diamond necklaces and diamonds embedded ded crown. How nice it will be if I were a king.

First of all I would live like a king. I would like to have big and beautiful palaces. I would have rich dresses, many diamond necklaces, diamond rings, diamond imbedded shoes, a golden crown, a golden throne and many servants around. I would have well decorated hall with beautiful chandeliers, flowers, curtains and golden chairs for all my ministers. A big garden around my palace with many fruit trees, flower plants and medicinal plants. I would have best cooks and best foods, sweets and juices. I would get best fruits and flowers from all over the world.

After having all the best things in my life I would like to work for my people in my kingdom. I would provide them the best things available so that nobody suffers from any necessities like food. clothes, houses, medicines and doctors. I would provide them free education whatever they want to learn or study I would start many schools, colleges and hospitals. I would provide them free phone and internet facilities. I would develop big gardens and playgrounds or the children and older people alike. I would see that there is never a shortage of electricity and it will be provided free. Honest, efficient and humble servants would be appointed in the offices to help the people and ladies would be given equal opportunities like men. I would have all types of industries producing required items and generating stations generating surplus power. I would see that has a job as per his ability and not by influence. What ever they need they will be provided at low cost, subsidized by the everyone kingdom, so that there would be no complaints from their side.

I would like them to be honest, hard working and loyal the kingdom. I would see that there is no corruption and all will considered equal. I would see that all religions get their due spect and all live in communal harmony. I would see that the and order is maintained and there are no thefts and crimes. I w see that there are no quarrels and fights among people. I w also maintain a healthy relation with neighbouring states. It w be my wish that everyone in my kingdom and all over the w free of worries and happy.

But this would have been possible only when I would have been a King!

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