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 Essay on Critical Moments in my life in English class 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th

Narrative essay in English

  The life has many ups and downs. There are some good moments and more bad moments. But the life passes and we learn by experience. During our bad times we are worried a tense During happy times we forget all those troubles we had and experienced when we were passing through bad times. Bad times could become go out of control if we don’t take care in time We can face bad times better by preparing in advance, if we could imagine that this particular thing is going to happen. But when the hac critical moments come all of a sudden we have no other choice My than do or die
   As a young boy when I was in seventh standard, I faced a very critical moment. It was a summer holiday and I wanted to learn swimming There is a canal passing through our town. I decided to go there to learn swimming along with my relative. Even though he was just two years older than me he knew swimming. 
    I was very afraid to go into the water as it was flowing speedily There was a bridge across the canal for traffic. There were two big cement pipes under the bridge through which water use to pass from one side to other. After playing in shallow waters quite for sometime, I was just standing on the upper side of the bridge and watching others playing.
       There were many vehicles passing over the bridge, so I on the edge of the bridge. Before I could know what was standing is happening, I was into the water and passing through the pipes along with the flow of water.             Fortunately I was cautious and did not take in water by nose Somehow I was out of water on the other side of the bridge and I was saved I saw my father watching me and shouting, ‘Hold him! Hold him!” It was a very critically bad  moment in my life but by the grace of God I was saved. My father was very happy to see me saved from such a dangerous situation. My fa ther was coming from his duty from police station where he had been working as a head-constable. He had seen the person who had pushed me into the water but he had let him go as I was intact. My father distributed sweets when I reached home safely
   I had another incident when I had been studying in fifth stan dard and used to go to school for tuition during night with kerosene lantern in my hand. One day while walking with my books in one hand and lantern in another at around 8 p.m. I saw a big snake on the way and I was nowhere. I was so young and frightened and started running back to home and was saved from a dangerous situation. This was another critical moment in my life. After that I had stopped going at night for tuition.
I thank God for saving me from such critical moments and giving me a new life.

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