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 Autobiography Of A Singing Doll in English class 9 to class 12

  Autobiography essay is very easy to express all things. And also easy to write essay in exams.

Introduction of Autobiography

   It is an account person’s life written by that person himself it is written as if he is narrating in self show the sentences are in first person it should be written in simple language and should be interesting.

Essay on autobiography of a singing doll 500 Words

   I am a singing doll. I am sitting inside a transparent plastic case, I am kept nicely by my friend Chandani. She is a student of 8th standard and is very clever. She loves me so much. Some times she hugs me and kisses me. She likes my hair, my dress, my shoes, my face, my blue eyes, my smiling lips and specially my mobile handset because when she opens it, I start singing and shaking, Papa, Mama, Papa, Mama’. I keep on singing till she shuts my handset. She enjoys me a lot. Her friends and family members also like me. 
    I was given as a gift to Chandani by her father. He had purchased me from a shop in Abu Dhabi. There I used to sit on a showcase watching the people moving along the street. Some children used to look at me and wanted to buy me but they were given toy-guns or cars. One day I was seen by Chandani’s father and he was very amused to see me singing and shaking my head in style. He immediately purchased me and brought me home where I was kept in his suit-case for some days before leaving Abu Dhabi. The day of flight came; I was packed safely in a box and sent in a luggage of the Alr-India Express flight. I was happy to travel in an aeroplane. I was in the air and was enjoying the speed of the plane. Finally I reached safely at the Chhatrapati Shivaji In ternational Airport, Mumbai. He carried me to his friend Deepak’s house for a halt. There everybody saw me and liked me. I was very happy to be in India.

    Next day Chandani’s father left Mumbai and brought me to Shrirampur. He opened me and handed over to Chandani. I liked her very much as she is also like me. I sang and shook my head simultaneously in rhythm with the song. Everyone was also shak ing along with me and I was also enjoying. After lot of play I was taken to Chandani’s grandfather, who was bedridden. He also en joyed my singing and dancing. I was taken to many other places and shown to her relatives. They all liked me. Some wanted to have one like me.
    I love to be here in India with my friend Chandani. We are good friends. Actually I am from China. I was made by Chinese gns. They used to make many dolls like me. We were together till we reached Abu Dhabi. I don’t know where are they all now. I wish that they are also happy and cared by their friends like me.
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