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 Write a short dialogue between two boys one is hopeful and other is hopeless: English Composition

About Dialogue Writing

    Dialogue means talk between two people it is kind of conversation between two or more people or any piece of writing in the form of conversation it is something like story writing it is created and imagine it is direct speech its discussion or exchange of views on the various aspect of the topic involved.

 Write a short dialogue between two boys one is hopeful and other is hopeless

Akash: Hello! How are you my                           friend?   
Sachin:- I am fine. How about you?
Akash:-I am also fine.
Sachin : What are you doing                                 nowadays?
Akash: I am struggling to pass the                     final year subjects. How about               you?
Sachin : Now I am in Australia.
Akash :- Australia ? how come?
Sachin : Yes, I am working there as a                    Facility Manager. : Oh! So n                    nice to know. When did you                   go there?
Sachin:- In last August.
Akash:-Nice to know all this. But                          frankly speaking I am not                        happy at all.
Sachin:-Why? What happened?
Akash:- I appeared twice but could                     not clear the three remaining                 subjects.
Sachin :-What was the reason?
Akash: It’s my sheer bad luck. First                    time my sister’s marriage was                there and I could not study                    well; second time I was sick                    and could not do well. I think               I am very unlucky.
Sachin: Why do you think so?
Akash: Because I am still not sure to                 get through.
Sachin :-Don’t be pessimistic. I think                  this time you will definitely                    pass.
Akash : How you know that?
Sachin:-: Because I had also tried 3                        times to go to Australia but                      due to some or other reason,                  I could not succeed. First                     time it was English problem,                     then bank guarantee                                 problems   then family                             problem. But I kept on trying                and finally I am there and to                  tell you I am very happy there.
Akash: O.K., This time I will try my                    best to get through.
Sachin:-  Good! You  should always                      think positive.
Akash:- Henceforth I will try to be                      optimistic.
Sachin:- All the best!
Akash : Thanks! See you again.
Sachin : O.K., Bye!

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