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 Essay on The Role Played By Movies In Society 500 Words

   Everybody likes to watch films. Whether it is Hindi or Marathi or English, good film is a good film. Films have become part of our as they are enjoyable and full of entertainment In the beginning the movies were silent and the sound was added later today’s life Also earlier the movies were black and white but now they are in colours. So, they have become more enjoyable. Slowly videos also came in the market and people could see their favourite movies in their homes whenever they wanted.

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     Watching a movie is really exciting. It has story, music. songs, dances, fighting, beautiful actors and locations. They are attracting poor as well as rich audience and hence is a powerful medium of mass communication and entertainment. But they can have good as well as bad impact on the people. As far as health is concerned, excess watching of movies affects eyes and brains, important time of study is wasted and in turn can spoil whole of our future.

The Argumentative Essay on The Impact of Movies on Society 300 words

  Films are used for the purpose of education, information. and entertainment. Subjects like history, science, arts, geography and also techniques can be taught using films which can give the clear ideas about the subjects like reactions in atoms or move ment of machines and so on. The number of people can watch the film at a time and also it can be used again and again for view ng at various locations. The films are also an effective medium for  advertisement. This way new products can be launched easily a over the world. The on going activities like cricket match or minis ters’ oath ceremonies and our favourite shows can be seen live or recorded and seen later.
    Being a powerful medium, movies have deep impact on the younger generation and uneducated people. Depending upon their understanding, there can be a bad effect.that can be danger. ous also. As they do not have the thinking power they cannot di ferentiate between good and bad things like violence, fighting, crimes and adopt them as they want to be a hero or a heroin. As they are impressed by the glamour of movies the ambition of becoming a hero or heroine arises in their minds. They don’t know that they are pursuing the mirage of glamour and spoil their lives and finally repent for going on a wrong path and not listening to elders.
    Sometimes if luck prevails then the talented persons car get to the top like Shahrookh Khan. Some actors like Hema Malin or Govinda can even get elected for the Parliament also but t doesn’t mean everyone can reach to that stage. At the extreme some people are so crazy for their favourite actor that they forma fan club and start worshiping them also. Anyway movies have become essential thing of life and no one can avoid it, but at least we should control it.

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