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 My Best Friend Abhay

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My Best Friend Essay in English 500 Words

   I have so many friends from childhood, but one friend i met like a greatest gift from God. He always ready for my any situation, problems, he always help me like his problem. I can say that if you want a friend, it is not like Abhay, if not. So the same name is Abhay. Abhay is my Best Friend. We have been together since childhood, he lives near my house. Every day we play together, we study together, yet he is smarter than me in studies. He always comes first in school. His communication skills are very good, he understands the person in front of him immediately.

     My Best Friend essay in English 100 Words

In school he is first in all categories. We go to each other’s house, he loves to fly kites in the sky. His father is also very good by nature.We help each other every time there is a crisis. He tries to get the school to study right away. I am so thankful that he met me like a friend in my life. His favourite subject is mathematics. He is mad for solving problems of mathematics , he is so focused on this subject . He is so smart that he even teaches teacher . He holds all kinds of knowledge to crack any competitive exams.

 My Best Friend essay in English 350 words

      He exercises every day without miss any days. He is so fit and healthy. He is my real good friend. We never argue. We understand each other.I am a student. There are many Students in my class but Abhay is my best friend. He is my classmate. I like him the most. He is very neat and smart. He is very punctual and regular. He is very hard working. Abhay always stands first in the class. He completes his work on the time and never misses it. He also wants become a doctor.
    When I am in need he helps me. He also loves me. He is a rich person but he also loves the poor. He obeys his teachers. He never disregards them. Teachers also praise and love him. His manners are very good. He rises early in the morning. He never wastes him time. He encourages and inspires me. In free time he plays Cricket with me. In facts, my friend is God’s gift sent to me . I love him very much. May he live long.

My best friend essay 10 lines

  • Abhay is my really good best friend.
  • He is always loyalty for everyone
  • He always stay healthy and happy
  • My best friend is very smart and funny
  • My best friend favourite game is PUBG
  • My Best Friend wants to become IPS officer
  • I say always him like IPS OFFICER Abhay

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