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 Nasal Drugs Delivery System Own Notes –          Teamwrotes

Hello friends we are writing this blog for the student , it will be definately useful . it is very simple notes Nasal Drugs Delivery Sysyem Own Notes – teamwrotes 
              new found vigour. It is a helpful delivery method with no detectable minimum oral bioavailability. 38 has been used for medications that are effective in small dosages as well as proteins and peptides for thousands of years. One of the factors contributing to the low level of protein and peptide absorption through the nasal route is the mucociliary clearance mechanism’s quick removal of substances from the absorption site in the nasal cavity. 
   Due to the lack of pancreatic and gastric enzymatic activity, the neutral pH of the nasal mucus, and reduced dilution by gastrointestinal contents, the nasal mucosa has been investigated as a viable delivery route to obtain faster and greater levels of drug absorption.

  Anatomy and Physiology of Nasal Cavity 

The nasal vestibule, which is the most anterior portion of the nasal cavity, opens to the face through the nostril. The nasal cavity is divided into two halves by the nasal septum and extends posterior to the nasopharynx. The nasal vestibule, olfactory area, and respiratory region are the three main regions that make up the nasal cavity. The lateral walls of the nasal cavity, which have a folded structure, can increase the surface area in the nose by roughly 150 cm; this gives the nose a very large surface area compared to its modest volume. The superior, median, and inferior turbinates make up this folded structure. The small tubes in the primary nasal airway, which are typically 1-3 mm wide, help the nose move air.

Advantages of nasal Drug Delivery System

  • Drug degradation that is observed in the gastrointestinal tract is absent.
  •  Hepatic first pass metabolism is avoided.
  •  Rapid drug absorption and quick onset of action can be achieved.
  •  The bioavailability of larger drug molecules can be improved by means of absorption enhancer or other approach.
  • The nasal bioavailability for smaller drug molecules is good.

Osmatically Controlled Drug delivery system

    It is contained an osmotic strain controlled drug conveyance gadget and an inflatable” drifting help in a biodegradable container. In the stomach, the container rapidly deteriorates to deliver the intragastric osmotically controlled drug conveyance gadget. The inflatable help inside frames a deformable empty polymeric sack that contains a fluid that disintegrates at internal heat level to swell the pack. The osmotic strain controlled drug conveyance gadget comprises of two parts drug repository compartment and an osmotically dynamic compartment. 
     The medication supply compartment is encased by a tension responsive folding pack, which is impermeable to fume and fluid and has a medication conveyance hole. The osmotically dynamic compartment contains an osmotically dynamic salt and is encased inside a semi-penetrable lodging. In the stomach, the water in the gastro-digestive liquid is ceaselessly consumed through the semi-penetrable film into osmotically dynamic compartment to disintegrate the osmotically dynamic salt. An osmotic strain is in this manner made which follows up on the folding sack which powers the medication repository compartment to lessen its volume and which thus enact the medication discharge from the medication arrangement compartment through conveyance hole.
    The drifting help is likewise made to contain a bio-erodible fitting that disintegrates after a foreordained chance to flatten the help. The collapsed drug conveyance framework is then purged from the stomach.

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