Essay on Dadabhai Naoroji in English 100,500,1000 Words | Teamwrotes

 Essay on Dadabhai Naoroji  in English 100,500,1000 Words | Teamwrotes 

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Essay on Dadabhai Naoroji  in English 100 Words 

   Dadabhai Naoroji played an important role in leading the nationalist movement in India in its early stages and bringing it into prominence. He was one of the prominent leaders of the early period of the Indian National Congress. Dadabhai was the first to lay the foundation of constitutional politics in India. 

Who was dadabhai naoroji short note?

    It is because of his work that he is glorified as ‘The Grand Old Man of India‘. Dadabhai Naoroji was born on September 4, 1825 in Mumbai in a Parsi family. His father was a Parsi priest, but his father died during Dadabhai’s childhood.

Essay on Dadabhai Naoroji in English 500 Words 

    So the responsibility of bringing up Dadabhai fell on his mother. Due to the untimely death of his father, he had to complete his education facing many obstacles. Dadabhai was educated in the school of ‘Native Education Society’ in Mumbai. Later, he took admission in the Elphinstone Institute of Mumbai itself. After completing his education, he was appointed as Professor of Mathematics at Elphinstone College, Mumbai. He was the first Indian to have the honor of becoming a professor in this college.

Personal Life of Dadabhai Naoroji in English 

      While working as a professor at Elphinstone College, Dadabhai also started participating in public works. In the year 1848, the organization ‘Gyanprasarak Sabha’ was established in Mumbai. Dadabhai was involved in its establishment. Due to his efforts, Jnanprasarak Sabha started the first school for the education of Muli in Mumbai. Dadabhai Naoroji started a weekly ‘Rast Goftar’ in 1851 with an aim to create awareness on social and political issues among the people here. 

Important Role of Dadabhai Naoroji

Another important work of his during the period was the initiative taken by him in the establishment of the organization ‘Bombay Association’. In 1852, ‘Bombay Association’ was established in Bombay. It can be said that Dadabhai Nowroja started his chartered politics through the ‘Bombay Association’ as it was one of the early organizations established with a political objective. Apart from this, Dadabhai was involved in the establishment of many social, educational and cultural institutions in Mumbai, as well as their activities. In the year 1855, Dadabhai Naoroji first went to England for the work of a private company. He lived in England for many years. During this stay, he closely studied many things like politics, social causes, political institutions, cultural organizations etc. in England. He was particularly influenced by liberalism in England. While in England, Dadabhai tried at various levels to make the British government aware of the situation in India and the problems of the Indian He wanted to increase the cooperation between British and Indian people and he was trying in that direction as well.

Dadabhai Naoroji speech in English 

     During his stay in England, he founded the organization ‘East India Association’ on 1st December, 1866. This organization played an important role for the welfare of the Indian people. In the following period, Dadabhai established branches of ‘East India Association’ in Indian cities like Mumbai, Calcutta (now Kolkata), Madras (now Chennai) etc. Dadabhai Naoroji took charge of the post of Dewan of Baroda Sansthan in 1874. He performed admirably while in that position, but due to the activities of the courtiers, Dadabhai gave up the post of Dewan within a short period of time. Later, in July 1875, he became a member of the Bombay Municipal Corporation. In 1885, he was appointed as a member of the Bombay Provincial Legislature. He worked as the chief leader of the Indian National Congress which was established in Bombay in 1885. He also played an important role in its establishment.

Dadabhai Naoroji UPSC Notes

In the year 1902, Dadabhai Naoroji became a member of the lower house of the English Parliament (House of Commons). He was elected to the House of Commons from the Finsbury constituency in England. He had the honor of becoming the first Hindu member of the British Parliament and also the first Hindi member of the Royal Commission.

Paragraph or Biography of 
Dadabhai Naoroji

   Dadabhai Naoroji was closely associated with many social and political organizations here. In fact, it would be more appropriate to say that he laid the foundation for many social, cultural and political organizations in this country. In this context, we have mentioned the organizations such as Jnanprasarak Sabha, Bombay Association, East India Association in the above discussion. Apart from that, he was involved in the establishment of many organizations like Students Literary and Scientific Society, Parsi Gymkhana, Kawasji Institute etc. Among them, the Bombay Association and the East India Association played a very important role in the political field here, so it is necessary to know briefly about these two organizations.

     Dadabhai Naoroji was one of the moderate leaders of the Rashtriya Sabha i.e. Congress. Like other moderate Congress leaders, Dadabhai also believed in the sense of justice of the British rulers. British rule has benefited India in many ways. India was able to progress in various fields due to British rule. Dadabhai was of the opinion that India’s relations with England should remain strong as the British rule here was responsible for India’s entry into the modern age. They also believed that the British rulers would definitely try to solve the problems and difficulties of the Indian people, because the British government was a government that cared for the welfare of the Indian people. Dadabhai’s opinion about British rule was formed from the reforms that had taken place in various areas in India during the British rule.

   Dadabhai Naoroji advocated constitutional politics based on his belief in the sense of justice of the British rulers.Although Dadabhai Naoroji advocated constitutional politics, he did not hesitate to criticize the British rulers on those occasions. Sometimes he felt that the British government was neglecting the Hindi people, while expressing his reaction about it, he had exclaimed with sattvic anger, “I have grown old, tired, believing in the justice of the British, if I were young, I would have rebelled.” In 1906 Calcutta Session of the National Assembly, Swaraj was demanded. This session was held under the chairmanship of Dadabhai himself. Dadabhai supported this demand for independence. Of course, the Swarajya they meant was colonial Swarajya. However, this illustrates his view of acting in accordance with the national interest rather than insisting on any particular position.

     Dadabhai was an advocate of liberalism in the field of political thought. He was influenced by liberalism in England. He believed that individual freedom is an essential and important value in the political life of a nation. He advocated liberalism because of the belief that only liberal approach is useful for the protection of individual freedom.

10 Lines on Dadabhai Naoroji in English 

  • In Dadabhai Naoroji’s economic thought, the ‘Drain theory’ or ‘Drain theory’ proposed by him is considered to be particularly important. 
  • According to him, the British rulers have looted India enormously. During the British rule, the rulers have looted India enormously.
  •  Due to the specific economic policy of the government during the British rule, the flow of wealth from India has started flowing to England.
  •  The pensions of the British officers, the expenses of the India Ministry, the expenses of the war-exchequer established for the maintenance of the British soldiers in India, are all burdening the Indian exchequer.
  •  By investing British capital in Indian industries, money from India is also being diverted to England in that way. 
  • This is a kind of looting of India by the British. 
  • This is the most important cause of India’s poverty, said Dadabhai in these words. 
  • He was the first to highlight the anti-Indian economic policies of the British rulers, hence he is considered the ‘pioneer of India’s economic nationalism’.

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