Herbal Cosmetics Own Notes of Herbal Drug Technology | Teamwrote

 Herbal Cosmetics Own Notes of Herbal Drug Technology | Teamwrote

     Hello friends today we are providing some important notes on Herbal Cosmetics Chapter of Herbal Drug Technology of B Pharmacy 6th semester. It is very easy to read and understand. 

Herbal Cosmetics and Their Types

   A .Facial Cosmetics
            Some types of facial cosmetics are given below:-
  • Emollients
  • Cleansing creams- Cleaners
  • Moisturizer – cold creams ,night creams ,moisturizing creams.
  • Bleeches – skin lightening agent
  • Sunscreen
  • Makeup, face powder ,lipstick.
  • Eye makeup

B. Deodorants

    There are some agents which is used to reduce the body odour. There are some personal uses like empress to the girls.
   Deodorants are use without effective to body function and acts by the neutralizing their orders excretions and their four they are classifieds as cosmetics not as a drugs.

 Mechanism Of Deodorants

     There are some bacterial decomposition of the Opera and secretion in exile is response to the axilian odour or smell . And the mainly agent which is inhibit the growth of the sum microorganism can act as deodorant smells. It is use stable order less salt.

Ingredients of deodorants

    TCC Trichloro -carbonate , hexa- methylene tetramine and zinc ricinoleate,  ethyl alcohol is also use as vehicle in a deodorant product and has also used to antibacterial activity.

Cleansing Creams- Cleansers

   Cleansing creams are used to the improvement the healthy and gold lookness of the skin which is required in regular daily routine. It heads to avoid crime Sebum , dead cells ,makeup and crusty.  Some water is very cheap and effective cleansing agent for certain types of facial oil but it is an effective on its on against oils. Capacity of soaps and detergents may enhance the cleansing properties of water.  
   Depart it dry and hard and because of alkalinity of cleaning soap the outermost cells get lifted and become independent from their neighbours.
While the use of cleaning cream/lotion, it should be unfold and massaged on skin surface through finger-hints
Another organization of cleaning creams in emulsion form is at the same time known as “Cold creams” Most formulae had been composed of natural waxes and vegetable oils. The addition of borax in formulae provides improved stability (reaction with loose fatty acid) in unique wax. Sodium salts can also be manufactured with it and as a result can act as an emulsifier. Cleansing creams may be thickened by the use of cellulose derivate alginates and different hydrocolloids.
Generally pH of cleaning lotions is buffered acidic which lets in a more rapid go back.

Requirements of a cleansing creams

  • It must liquefied at normal body temperature.
  • There viscosity must be sufficiently small in order to allow easy sprinting altho add a quietly I so that it can captured the dirty and other foreign particles insoluble in suspensions.
  • It should be penetrate the epidermis
  • It should perform gentle bleaching action
  • It must be smooth non grizzy relax clean refracing skin.

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