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 Siddha System Of Medicine

    Among the three indigenous avstems, Ayurveda based on conventional vedic scripture, is
the only practiced in all around the united states Siddha is appreciably applied in southern
India especially in Tamil Nadu and neighboring states.
Unani also referred to as as Greek/Arab medication system become added in India by means of Muslim
conquerors and turned into practiced for numerous hundred years predominantly in muslim tradition areas Siddha, is an prehistoric medicinal drug device employed in remedy with minerals and netals especially, but a few products of vegetable and/or animal foundation as nicely. Works relative to Siddha of which there are at-least 500, plus 3000 formulae have been written Tamil to start with on palm leaves. The specific range of Siddha practitioners is unsure, however it
believed that there are lots reddes in Tamil Nadu country. A examine of conventional
ystems in Madres, confirmed that Siddha practitioners, numbering 635 ruled the scene Siddha remedy is chiefly a psychosomatic Medicine machine which offers extra emphasis n minerals and metais in place of herbs in pharmaceutics. Herbs are used best to triturate pand calcinate the metals into their basmam and sidoofth It is one of the historical remedy ystem, persist discretely considering early times. This device has been advanced properly in India from Several centuries
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Although this gadget turns down in recent years, due to converting technology and within the light of modern-day medicine, nonetheless it persists impact at the living structures. This system deals with minerals, metals and herbs due to the fact chemistry become more advanced in southern India. Siddha’s understanding on latro chemistry, nietals, vegetation and minerals became stunning. This was correctly utilized by Siddha’s from time immorial
As the arena is composed of five factors/panchabhutas, and therefore the human
gadget. The frame consists of earth and water, the soul is of air and ether and heat, fire
combines them each and make stay together. Hence, drugs hired for human have to
be formulated on the premise of panchabuthas (Au, Pb, Cu, Fe, Zn) principle
Au and Pb are employed for the body maintenance, while best Fe is attracted by using magnet’s electric powered energy. Zinc, usually used for strength manufacturing, is likewise hired in medicine formulations for the treatment. Cu is applied for purchasing the body All metals are utilised best after proper cleansing.

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