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10 lines Wonder Of Science Essay

Wonder Of Science Essay 9th, 10th 11th, 12th Class Easy

  • Introduction
  • Means of Traveling
  • Means of transport and communication
  • Medical Science
  • Agriculture
  • Computer technology
  • Atomic Energy
  • Means Of Recreation
  • Electricity
  • Conclusion

Woder of Science Essay Introduction

    Wonderful age is the age of science. Many wonde discoveries and inventions have been made by science. It has made Our life easier and comfortable. Science play a vital role in our daily life. With its help even impossible things have possible possible now. There are various types of Wonder of science invention like as electricity, computer, laptop, Internet etc and so on.

Wonder of Science  essay 200 words

      Electricity :-  

  The invention of power brings on top notch change in human civilization.

   It serves as in many methods. Lights our houses roads and offices. It gives us cool and heat air. It runs our machines factories and workshops. The presence of strength has remove darkness from the world. Electricity could be very beneficial invention for the people.

Means Of Transport and Communication :-

   Buses, vehicles, trains ,ships and aeroplanes are larger than biggest contribution of the technological know-how. We can reach effectively of any a part of the sector within some hours. Science additionally expand conversation with help of smartphone wi-fi like cancer electronic mail through net the world reduced in size into the small village using internet.
    We can talk  with your friends and own family participants effortlessly my the assist of audio and video calls through the net are the very fastest mode of conversation.
   The invention of mobiles and internet has decreased the gap among people.

Wonder of Science essay 250 words

Medical Fields :-


   Medical science has turned wonderful work in the medical fields. Many new medicines have been invented for many fatal diseases like cancer cured through science.

Also with the help of science the function of the various organs in the body check by scientific instruments and the diseases are correctly diagnosed. There are various types of instruments used in the hospitals made by science wonder.

Conclusion :-

   Science invention it is very useful for beneficial to the modern man but invention and discoveries have also become destructive in various ways for mankind

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