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 What is an Essay?

       An essay is a big write up on a specific theme or topic, expressing our personal opinions, thoughts and feelings or an information or an emotions on any given subject or a narration of some Events. It is a comprehensive statement, linked logically, on a given topic.

What is the essay?

How to Write an essay

Format Of An Essay

   Essay may be classified into three main parts.

1. The Introduction

         The introduction should be interesting and in brief. The definition be given in the beginning to introduce the topic. A proverb or a quotation may be used with an explanation.

2. The body

        The second part, the body can have many short paragraphs depending on the number of ideas you want to convey. Facts, description, the writer’s opinions may be described here .

3. The Conclusion

     Finally the conclusion should be given but in short. It should be effective and natural. An essay is to be concluded by summarising the arguments, viewpoints or observations expressed above in the main body of the essay.

What is a Summary

   Summary is nothing but the one type of conclusions, it must ending point of an essay.

Points For writing a good Essay

  1. Collect ideas and arrange and join them with the facts in sequences.
  2. Plan the outline of the essay.
  3. Maintain the continuity of thoughts.
  4. Write a short paragraphs of each point.
  5. Avoid repetition of words and difficult words.
  6. Avoid repetition of sentences and thoughts.
  7. Use simple language short sentences to easy to understand.
  8. Take care of grammar and punctuation.
  9. Make the essay meaningful and interesting.
  10. Use various types of sentences and make an easy attractive.

Essentials of a good essay

An essay has two basic aspects
 1. Matter
 2. Style

  • The quality of the matter is more important than the length.
  • The ideas must be original relevant and humorous.
  • An essay demands more than just correct English. It is also required and effective styles.
  • Specific attention to the vocabulary.
  • Words, phrases and idiomatic expressions and the construction of the sentences.
  • Do not write in the first person that is I unless the topic just face it. 
  • It is very important to present your essay as one piece.

Types of an Essay

  1. Reflective essay

      Reflections or thoughts on this subject.

2. Descriptive Essay

     Description of any person , any character, any place or a things.

3. Argumentative essay

    Exposing the positive as well as negative aspect of a given topic and drawing a conclusion.

4. Narrative essay

   Narration of an event of a series of events.

5. Imaginative essay

  Imagination expressions on the given topics.

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