Essay of Savitribai Phule essay in English 300, 200, 1000 Words – Teamwrotes

 Essay of Savitribai Phule essay in English 300, 200, 1000 Words- Teamwrotes

     “Knowledge is not learning, it is not sweet to get it, intellect does not work without being, should it be called a human being?”

Short Essay On Savitribai Phule

    Kranti Jyoti Savitribai Phule, the god of real science who showed the way to the days that were in the darkness of ignorance by creating such an important question in her poetry,was born on the date of birth. He was born on 3rd January 1831 in Naigaon in Khandala taluka of Satara-district and in 1840 in the Nevase Patal clan and in just the ninth year he was married to the pioneer of revolution Mahatma Jyotiba Phule. Savitri jumped into the great war which was called to eradicate the class system. Chandnasam Sadhvi sacrificed her life for the welfare of others.

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   Mahatma Phule realized the bitter truth that all the calamities of this country have been done by one person and opened the first school for girls in Bhide Wadal in Pune in 1848 and Savitri became the first teacher there on January 1, 1848 and won the honor of becoming the first female teacher in the country. Manuvada tried to distract Savitri by throwing dung and faeces on her body. But Savitri bai accelerated the work by saying that this is the shower of flowers that is being replaced by my work, keeping the volcano of equality constantly burning in her heart. When Jyotib established a school for adults in Osman Sheikh’s palace in Pune on May 1, 1849, Savitri played an important role in teaching. Later, in some schools established for social awareness in Pune-Satara-Nagar district, Ms. Savitri performed the role of a teacher and fulfilled her duty. Not only this, in 1849, she left her home with her husband for the education of Shudra Atishudra and gave the ear mantra of education to those who have been neglected for thousands of years.

Essay of Savitribai Phule essay in English 300 Words

  Continued Her Struggle In 1852, when schools were inspected, Savitribai received feedback as an ideal teacher. Therefore, on 12th January 1853, Vejar Kaidi honored Phule couple in Vishram Bagh Wada for their active career. After this inspiration, Savitri and Jyotiba got up on fire to burn the inequality, that’s why they spent their lives for the reformation of Hinduism, while taking the reformation to Pune, they attacked child marriage, sati system, caste discrimination, rituals and advocated widow remarriage and monotheism. He also taught equality. 

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      Infanticide of the children of virgins was rampant. In order not to kill innocent infants then M. When Phule started a home for the prevention of infanticide in her house in 1853, Savitri happily accepted it. This pious work has given life to many children. But this Savitri Jyotiba couple did not have a child. Savitri said to Jyotiba Shetji when Savitri said to Jyotiba I am not having children. Then Mahameru Phule of Samate said when we should marry you again, maybe there is a fault in me, we will marry you again and we will accept them and Savitri was stunned. 

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      Savitribai Phule Speech In English  is very easy to start in front of audiance 

    How generous is this? Then the couple adopted Yashwant, the son of a Brahmin widow named Kashibai. He studied further and became a doctor to follow in the footsteps of his mother and father. In 1868, Jyotiba and Savitri made a revolution of equality by opening the water tank of their house. for the untouchable community who were forced to live outside the village by the forest system of Hinduism. Many crises had to be faced at this time. The Bahujan society here was drowning in superstition. The country did not progress due to superstition. 

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Savitribai Phule Jayanti

  • Savitri, who served the society throughout her life, served her husband for almost two years.
  •  Along with the community, finally on 28 Nov. In 1890, time struck Savitri’s kuku Jyotiba.
  •  A mountain of grief fell on her. But she bore this suffering with great courage.
  •  It was at the time of Jyotiba’s funeral that  dispute started for his funeral because Jyotiba had acted against me and against Satyashodaka, the people of my brotherhood.
  •  They were told not to touch my dead body, at that time.
  •  Jyotib’s brothers Baba Phule and Mahadaba Phule started quarreling claiming the right of inheritance. 
  • Yashwant started saying that he is not from our clan to give a shoulder to Tirdi and fire and a dispute arose.
  • Then the police were called and they were chased away and Savitri herself took the gadga in her hand and set fire to her husband’s pyre.
  •  This was Savitri’s slap on the cheek of Hindu tradition.
  •  Later Savitri Bai continued her culture and religion work. 

  • 20 Lines on Savitribai Phule essay in English

    20 Lines on Savitribai Phule essay in English

  •  He had to face many hardships without recovering from this suffering.
  •  Later in 1897, an epidemic of plague started in Pune area. 
  • Then Savitribai saved many lives by asking her son Yashwant to provide free service to plague sufferers in Pune.
  •  Savitribai herself used to carry the plague-stricken child mon her shoulders and bring him to Yashwant’s hospital and give him life by treating him.
  •  Savitribai herself became a victim of plague during the session. 
  • On March 10, 1897, time struck Savitribai, who was shining like a moon during the night, and she became Mahanirvana.
  •  India’s relationship has become a mess. Savitribai Phule is a beacon for all men and women in the world due to her active work.
  •  The same is the god of learning in this country.
  •  Savitri Bai Phule was also famous as a writer and poetess. Kavyaphule, Bavanakashi Subodaratnakar, 
  • Matoshree Savitribai’s speeches and songs etc. are credited to her name.
  •  Among these, his poetry collection ‘Bavanak Subodh Ratnakar’ is particularly famous.


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