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 Essay on Aditya College Hostel Life

    The living in a hostel is unrestricted and pure. It is excellent for habitation. The environment is quite conducive to learning and suited for domestic virtues like cooperation, fellow-fellowship, and self-management of affairs. A learner can develop all the traits of a good citizen if he or she takes it seriously.

A student living in a dorm is liberated from everyday worries and fears. He is able to focus entirely on his schoolwork. Additionally, he can participate in social activities and pick up numerous values from his more experienced students.
Additionally, he can broaden his knowledge and strengthen his deficiencies. He develops manners, polish, and culture as a result. His timidity always dissipates. He gains the ability to express himself and communicate clearly. 
  Not every student has much experience living in a dormitory. Only a student who currently resides in or has previously resided in a hostel can speak in-depth about it. Certain things, however, can be imagined by everyone and do not require an expert’s explanation or confirmation. Although I haven’t lived in a dorm myself, my brother, who attended a renowned public school, has told me about his time there, so I have some concept of what it’s like.
A student living in the dorms must maintain strict discipline. Depending on the guidelines and directives from the Principal or the coach, he must rise early in the morning to engage in physical activity or participate in a race on time.

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