Easiest way to Write Report Writing in English class 8,9,10 | TeamWrote

 Easiest way to Write Report Writing in English class 8,9,10 | TeamWrotes

    Welcome friends today we are going with topic report writing in English. Report writing topic are comes in 10th standard it is very important for the student. It has such a good marks to score the subject. So we’ll see you just way to write a report writing. 
   Report writing is a write off that is written for others to be read. Maybe about incidents taking place around you. Maybe about project or activities you or your group is involved in. In some cases you may be involved.  It is a general account of something that you have witnessed done or studied.
   You may find search report published in newspapers ,magazines, science bulletins ,or written on the Notice Board.

The important point in report writing are as follows:

  • A Report should be short and to the point.
  • A Passive voice should be used.
  • The report should have related information.
  • Only important happening should be included.
  • The details of dignitaries and officials involved should be mentioned.
  • Names of the person who made especially for arts to be mentioned.
  • The date, time and the day of the happening should be mentioned.
  • Personal Opinion or Comments should be avoided.
  • Each Report Should be Given a Suitable attractive Title.

Example Topics Covered of Report Writing

1. Report Writing on  Samundar Apartment Crash
2.Repot Writing on A visit to a home for the aged.
3. Report Writing on Independence Day Celebration At Saint Meera School

1. Report Writing on  Samundar Apartment Crash

     Mumbai, May 14 :- Samundar Apartment on Mahakali caves road, Andheri East collapsed yesterday evening at around 5pm . After a overnight heavy rainfall. Within minutes to hours and minutes it was converted into rubble and debris.  It was a 6 storey apartment with 36 flats
 The building was in dilapidated state. There was already a dispute between the occupantts. Some wanted to demolish and some were against it. Luckily dam building s and there was no casualty. However other vehicles park nearby were damaged. The debris fell all along the road and there was a traffic jam. The fire brigade age and the police intimated. Dera within minutes and operation started immediately immediately. The crimes were brought to clear the road. Deputy commissioner of police mr.Abhay  D. Rathod also visited the site and instructed the inspector to collect the details of the situations.
    He also said that some buildings around here were also in the bad condition. They should also be demol ished but the court order was awaited. The people wanted the court to take the decision immediately. If the action is not taken in time, some or other day the same kind of incident is going to hap pen. The people in the area are worried about the situation and are demanding proper decision in time..

2. Report Writing on A visit to a home for the aged .

    March 13: Students of final year B.A. visited the ‘Holy Spirit Home For The Aged’ located on Mahakali Caves Road, Andher (E) yesterday, and spent about 4 hours there. This Home is a heaven of solace and comfort for the old and the aged of all communities. There are 5 rooms accommodating about 50 inmates of the age of sixty-five and above. About ten members are sharing a room. They are provided with a bed, side table and a table lamp. The housemaids, social workers and nurses working in the Home were like angels of mercy to these old and destitute inmates. They as sist the helpless members in their walking, bathing and eating. We spoke to some of the inmates. We shared their past about their personal lives. It was pity to know that many were deprived of their own income and were thrown out into the street by their own children! We were stunned to hear their stories and some of us were weeping too. How could this happen? But such things are happening and they have become part of our life. The care shown to them by the people there was indeed inspiring. We were happy that we could at least showed them some sympathy and they were also happy with our approach. We left the Home with deep im pressions on our minds!…

3. Report Writing on Independence Day Celebration At Saint Meera School.

     Aug. 15: This year also Independence Day was celebrated like every year in our School At Saint Meera School. There was a flag-hoisting ceremony which took place at the hands of Police Inspector Mr. Rathod Abhay. The National Anthem was sung by all including parents of the children who were present in large number. The parade also took place lead by X class student, Sadanand. This was followed by speeches of some guests, our Principal and the chief guest. The sweets were distributed to all the students and the people present.
An Exhibition was arranged on this great occasion. The theme was ‘India is great country’. We decorated our classrooms with charts and models displaying the information about all the states and union territories of India. Students had come dressed in traditional costumes of various states of India. Parents were enjoying the decoration and reading the charts displayed. Students also lined up to have a look. Some students were guiding and ex plaining about the progress of India and showing how our country  great! It was indeed a feast of colour. One of the classroom was having a food shop and ice-creams. There were all Indian items e Potato-Wada, Wada-Pav, Dosa, Idli Sambar, Chole-Puri, Lassi, Pani-Puri, Dahi-Puri and many more. The profit collected this way would be utilised for ‘School Library’. The Principal appreciated the efforts of the students. Snacks were served to all the students who participated in the Exhibition. Later on we left college and went tome happily. We congratulated to each other and our teachers. It as a memorable celebration.

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