Essay on Yugpurus Lokmanya Tilak essay in English 300, 200, 1000 Words – Teamwrotes

 Essay on Yugpurus Lokmanya Tilak essay in English 300, 200, 1000 Words – Teamwrotes


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Essay on Lokmanya Tilak in English 150 Words

   Lokmanya Tilak’s full name was Bal Gangadhar Tilak. He was born on 23 July 1856 at Ratnagiri. His native village is Chikhalgaon in the Ratnagiri district, that is, he was born in Ratnagiri. His original name was Keshav. But, the nickname ‘Baal’ remained. His father Gangadhar Pant was initially a primary teacher. Later he became Education-Inspector. When Tilak was 10 years old, his father was transferred to Pune. Therefore, Tilak’s education was done in Bahtek Pune only. In the year 1872, Tilak passed the matriculation examination. After that, he joined Deccan College, Pune for further education. From the same college, in 1877, he received his B.A. Passed the exam. Further in the year 1879, he did L.LB. He was introduced to Agarkar while in his class. Inspired by a common goal, these two young men decided to devote themselves to the work of public awareness and nationalism to free their motherland from British rule. Vishnu Shastri Chiplunkar, Tilak, and Agarkar established the ‘New English School’ in Pune on January 1, 1880. Later Tilak and Agarkar started these newspapers ‘Maratha’ in the English language (2 January 1881) and ‘Kesari’ in the Marathi language on 4 January 1881. Agarkar became the editor of ‘Kesari’ and Tilak became the editor of ‘Maratha’. After that Tilak and Agarkar established ‘The Deccan Education Society’ on 24 October 1884 at Pune. A year later, on January 2, 1885, ‘Ferguson College’ was started on behalf of this institution.

What was the contribution of Lokmanya Tilak to the freedom struggle?

    Differences arose between them, so Agarkar resigned as editor of ‘Roji’ Kesari on 25 October 1887 and Tilak became editor of ‘Kasari’. Through his newsletter, Tilak worked to promote and disseminate national ideas. After the formation of the Indian National Congress, Tilak began to participate in the work of the Congress. He consistently continued his efforts to create public awareness against a foreign power in Maharashtra. As a part of these efforts, he started public Ganeshotsav and Shiv Jayanti celebrations. The first ‘Shivaji Utsav’ under Tilak’s leadership was celebrated on 15 April 1896 at Raigad. These public celebrations can bring people together. And with that, he believed that the seeds of his nationalist thoughts and feelings could be sown. Tilak advocated Jahal’s ideology in politics. He had absolutely no faith in the sense of justice of the British ruler.

Essay on Lokmanya Tilak in English 100 Words

    He was clearly of the opinion that the Hindi people would not be able to get political rights by way of petition, nor would anything fall to their ranks through chartered means. They felt that we should be ready to join hands with foreign rulers to remove the political bondage of our country. Later, on this issue, two groups, ‘Mawalwadi’ and ‘Jahalmatwadi’, were formed in the Congress. Among them, the Jahal group was led by Tilak. His leadership was also recognized at the national level. In the year 1907, the conflict between the Jahal and Mawal factions reached a crisis point in the Surat session of the Indian National Congress. As a result, Jahal was expelled from the Congress organized by the Mawal group. On June 24, 1908, Tilak was tried for sedition. He was sentenced to six years in jail and sent to Mandalay jail in Brahmadesh. After his release from this six-year-long imprisonment on 17 June 1914, Tilak resumed his political activities. Indian people should get political rights.   

Essay on Lokmanya Tilak in English 200 Words

     Lokmanya Tilak was always at the forefront of raising his voice against the unjust and biased policies of the British government. For that, he was imprisoned many times. His foreword in ‘Keshari’ is enough to testify to Tilak’s boldness. Is the government’s head in place? His pen was bold enough to ask such a question. He condemned in the strongest terms the oppression of the common people by government officials and the working class during natural calamities like famine and plague. With a reckless and unsympathetic attitude towards bureaucracy, he always struggled to survive. They were always frustrated by the partisan and anti-people policies of the British government. After the actual implementation of the partition of Bengal on 16th October 1904, he worked very hard to arouse the public opinion of the whole country against it.

Essay on Bal Gangadhar Tilak in English 500 words

    Bal Gangadhar Tilak was a staunch supporter of Hindi nationalism. He said that ancient Indian Vedic culture, Sanatan Hindu religion and scriptures, and India’s glorious history and traditions were the main basis of Hindu nationalism. The nationalism they refer to is also described as ‘cultural nationalism’. The above factors have created a sense of unity among the Indian people. However, he was of the opinion that efforts are needed to make this sentiment stronger. He started public Ganeshotsav and Shiv Jayanti celebrations with the aim of spreading nationalist ideas among the Indian people based on the above factors.      

  Till now, the tireless struggle for the country, the fatigue felt in old age, and the suffering of diabetes disease could not bear his health anymore. Even so, they do not rest in peace. He was trying to do the same thing. The medication continues. But they were not being used as intended. The doctor had advised rest. But he could not act due to the whirlwind of various thoughts in his mind. In the year 1920 July, he was surrounded by winter fever. But now there was no solution but to lie in bed. At that time he was staying at Sardar Griha in Mumbai. Treatment by an expert doctor begins. Within a few days, he started having wind attacks. But he also felt inconsistency in his speech. Later, the concern for their problems increased. The restlessness of the fans also increased. Everyone’s mood was tense.

What was Bal Gangadhar Tilak Class 8 slogan?

 Lokmanya Tilak advocated the ‘Chatuhasutri’ program of Swadeshi, National Education, and Swarajya. He gave the great mantra of Swarajya to the people of India. He roared, ‘ Swaraj is my birthright and I will get it’. 

   Go to the same place where thousands of people in Mumbai stroll on Chowpatty every morning and evening, with government permission. Tilak’s body was cremated. After that, after all the people came to the square, Mr. takes Tilak is seen every day. There were many leaders at that funeral. Many had expressed their feelings by paying tribute to him. On that day Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru was in Mumbai. He was also very sad when he heard about this tragic incident. He said “A bright sun of India has set today. Henceforth the country will be worried by all, yet no one who was born has missed death. It is the duty of all of us to forget this suffering and continue fighting for the freedom of India. That will be the true tribute to him.”    

10 Lines on Bal Gangadhar Tilak for Students and Children in English

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