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 How Many Types of Letters in English

   A letter is a written communication between two persons or parties on a specific particular subject, Matter, issues, incident,etc .. It can serve as a documention also.
  Letters are a great way to get in touch with people who live far away from you or the business office.It is written according to the rules. Toto is a kind of essay. In a letter you can write an article, on any topic, incident or any other thing. But if you are writing a letter to a friend, then not everything is required.It should be noted, therefore, that private letters differ from ordinary or commercial letters.

How many kinds of Letter


There are mainly two types of Letters

1. Informal Letters
2. Formal Letters

1. Informal letters in English

   They are written to Friends, relatives, any members of the family, colleagues or to so close acquaintances.
  We correspond with current relatives and friends. When writing such a letter, there is no need to write according to the rules.Unusual language is not used in private lettersUnusual language is not used in private letters Letter language should always be simple, straightforward, homely and enjoyable.There should be no tribulation. It is safe to say that there was nothing wrong with that.At the beginning of writing a letter, all the thoughts should come together and then it should be written calmlyAt the beginning of writing a letter, all the thoughts should come together and then it should be written calmly The speculation letter should be as short as possible in which the meaning of the letter is known.Private letters should be molded like government letters but in order.

2. Formal Letters

  These are very official letters, businesses letters, applications and letters to the government authorities, editor etc. In a formal letter the name, designation and address of the addressee should come before the salutation beginning from the left margin of the pages.
  Your impersonation should affect the person in front of you.The letter will be more effective if the right words and phrases are used.

Types of Letter Format

   = Every Letter consists of the following parts sequentially:

1. Writer’s Address :-

    It is placed at the top right corner of the page. The first or second line is followed by a comma and the last line is punctuated.

2. Date:-

  It is placed below the writer’s address.

3. Salutations:-

  It depends on the nature of relationship between the addressor (the writer) and the addressee (the person to whom the letter is written).It starts from the left margin of the page.

4. Body of the Letter:-

  The contents matter of the latter may be divided into paragraphs according to the number of ideas expressed. It is written below salutations leaving left margin.

5. The Complimentary Close or         The Subscription:

    The letter must be ended in a courteous manner. It is Writer at the bottom right of the page. The complementary close must match the salutations.

6. Writer’s Signature and                   Name:-

     To end the writer must sign his name below the complimentary close followed by his name in full.

  How to Write a Good Letter

  • Arrange the matter in a well linking order.
  • Avoid Cliches
  • Be precise
  • Take care of grammatical accuracy, correct spelling and punctuation.
  • Make sure that the letter conveys the desired massages clearly.
  • The tone of the letter should be as per the particular type of the letter.

Essentials of a Good Formal letter and informal letter

  • A letter must be appealing.
  • The Ideas must be original and relevant.
  • Includes your own viewpoints and opinions on the topics only when required.
  • Write the letter in grammatical correct English.
  • Write a letter in a style that reflects your personality.
  • Choose the most appropriate words, phrases and idiomatic expressions.
  • Construct the sentences using clear precise language.
  • In official and commercial letters, avoid uncommon words.
  • On completion of the letter , check whether it reads well as a composite matter.

Beginning of Letters

  1. How is it that there is no Letter from you?
  2. I am afraid my last letter did not reach you?
  3. I came to know that.
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